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May 11, 2014 2:30pm PDT
quote up, separatists in eastern ukraine hold their controversial vote on self-rule condemned by kiev and the west as ill get mat. mercedes power ahead with another victory in the spanish grand pee. wurstag question conchita uses her victory to send a message to vladimir putin.
Al Jazeera America
May 3, 2014 11:30am EDT
target. hard to predict and define. think, in five months it's moved from a tilt towards moscow in kiev to counterdemonstrations that pulled down the government of viktor yanukovych to a creeping russia, to the eruption of protests across eastern ukraine, to what we have today, a situation inching closer to all-out fighting to russian alined irregular forces and ukranian military forces. as uptions and storming the buildings spread, the kiev government threatened retaliation and publicly acknowledged it lost before the fighting began. when the ukrainian government fought back, russia, a foreign country, warned ukraine about trying to reoccupy its open government buildings on its own soil. the tempo of fighting is increasing and people continue to die. >> reporter: pro-russian forces brought down two military helicopters in slovyansk - one using a sophisticated surface-to-air missile. this man is said to be a survivor. two other helicopter crew members were killed, along with a pro-russian militiaman. it was the first sign of the kiev government's counteroffensive to reclaim the eastern
Al Jazeera America
May 7, 2014 12:00pm EDT
prove that the kiev government is not going to continue military operation operations ie southeast of the country, so it looks like he's retreating, but he's willing setting conditions. it's not just the russian president backing down. but th the european union and americans are threatin threatenn more. >> nick spicer in kiev. >>> meanwhile more fighting between government troops and pro russian forces in eastern ukraine. the people there say that daily viviolence is taking its toll. >> there seems to be no natural rhythm, no certainty of what each day would bring. for the. >> i want this to stop as soon as possible. we are all tired they said they brought it down with heavy machine gunfire. >> he fired off flares. to be honest it was terrifying. in the evening we saw that they blew up their own helicopter. >> now people take turns manning the barricades and keeping a wary watch for another advance. >> there is still some food lefterleft, says this old man, t it's time for me to die. >> reporter: they have surrounded for a week now. it is certainly not winning hearts and minds. >>
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 3:00am EDT
. blood-thirsty ultra nationalists in kiev waging war on the communities of donetsk and its surrounds. the only answer a tick for yes to the idea of their own people's republic. opinion polls suggest that popular support for the idea is low. we found it divided at level. >> translation: i'll vote yes in the referendum. i want peace. i don't want to west to come here, shooting at our kids. >> i'm not going to vote. of course it will have an impact on us. >> i won't go and vote. it's not that i support it, i don't find the referendum legitimate. >> neither does the government in kiev. there doesn't seem to be much it can do to stop polling stations from opening. >> the head of the central election commission of the people's republic of donetsk says the referendum will meet all international standards. here is something that international observers might have cause to question - a sign in the window of the polling station with the instruction "say yes to the republic." but, of course, there aren't going to be any international observers. and among volunteer polling station workers the ou
May 2, 2014 5:00pm PDT
sitting the test at the time being ready to be peaceful farming for the race came in kiev at the ga than a complete its maniacal tv stations that my site the trade unions building west of port is a great serotonin have been forced myself to trying to seek shelter that has a strong will to see stability fifty eight people have been killed according to police some of the victims died on the jumping and the wind as it is quick to cite part is when she'll be it old school was even good people. i've been feeling in the streets calling for help or side of the same time mosman and i hate the theme connecting people in the streets with machine guns. it is amazing horowitz has joined by members of borrowing expressed disgust and fear the eighth with a blanket not to go to sydney lecturer in to manage the nation's most days thinking of this state mom thank you very much become each dish tv nbc evening. we get a quick rundown of events that what's your interpretation of what happened. while counts it's a very grim situation on the ground and we do have competing narratives coming out from both side
Al Jazeera America
May 3, 2014 3:00am EDT
are watching al jazeera. these are the top stories - kiev launches a new military operation in eastern ukraine. moscow condemns the death of pro-russian demonstrators in odessa. >>> a ceasefire or surrender - syrian rebels may be about to give up the fight for the city of homs. >>> on trial for going their job - three al jazeera journalists head back to court in cairo on world press freedom day. >>> more than 2,000 people have been killed in a landslide in northern afghanistan. large parts of a village were buried after a mountainside collapsed following days of rains and floods. the u.n. is at the scene, helping teams in the remote area. we have this update from the capital. >> reporter: local police are doing what they can for the survivors in afghanistan. they are handing out food and water. on saturday morning rescue teams were struggling to reach the people buried under the mud. roads to the village is open but unstable for heavy machinery. >> translation: we can only help the displaced. those under the landslide and who lost their lives, it's impossible to do anything for them - they are
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 1:00am EDT
defying kiev - voting opens in a referendum for parts of eastern ukraine to breakaway from kiev >>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm rob matheson in doha. also on the programme - another five years in office. jacob zuma is officially declared the winner of south africa's election. >>> michael sam becomes the first openly gay man drafted into america's biggest football league. >> and i'm nick clark report fromming the atta clamma desert in chile, from where in 2020 a giant majellan telescope will stand, to april some of the pressing questions of the cosmos. >>> thanks for being with us. polling stations in parts of eastern ukraine are opening as separatists hold a widely condemned referendum on self-rule. the vote will be held in donetsk and luhansk, with a combined occupation of 6.7 million. only people in a dozen or so places under separatist control will vote. there has been fighting in donet donetsk, luhansk, slovyansk, among others. ballots were printed asking voters if they agree to self-rule. 70% in the east do not support the separatists and do not want to leave ukraine
May 30, 2014 2:00pm PDT
monitors have been detained in eastern ukraine. >> ukraine's gas supply keeps long for now as kiev says a payment to moscow of $750 million is on the way. >> in india, outraged after the hanging of two girls after they were gang rate -- gang-raped. we start in ukraine, where there are growing concerns another european observer team has been detained in the east of the country. the organization for security and cooperation in europe says it has lost all contact with team of four observers. >> this comes after a separate team of observers went missing on monday. it is believed they are being held by separatist rebels. despite the volatile situation in eastern ukraine, the government in kiev says it is making progress towards regaining control. fighting has left its mark in eastern ukraine. a mortar attack tore through the walls of this hospital friday morning. kiev has vowed to press ahead with its military offensive until peace and order have been restored. >> our military units have removed separatists from the southern and western parts of the donetsk region, as well as from northern p
May 12, 2014 8:00am PDT
where pro russian groups have declared independence from kiev following a hastily organized referendum on self-rule in two parts of eastern ukraine. it was held in the regions of less thand donetsk two months after residents in crimea voted to secede from ukraine. served as the head of the de facto electoral commission. >> these results only mean that the people of donetsk demand our opinion be respected, the norms of international law be respected. we demand the right for self-determination, and we will strive towards this. we understand perfectly that no one in the world will recognize this. european organizations and countries in the whole world will not recognize it, but we would like to be listened to and that is why we have this people's referendum organized by the people. >> earlier today, british foreign secretary william hague dismissed the results of sunday's referendum in eastern ukraine. >> the votes, these attempts of referendum have zero credibility in the eyes of the world. they are illegal by anybody standard. they don't need any standard will stop not a single standard
Al Jazeera America
May 3, 2014 1:00pm EDT
offer and one that this kiev will consider. >> advisor to the human rights with columbia university is here. welcome. >> thank you. >> russian has the protroops al the border and what we saw leads to believe that this leads to a full scale invasion? >> more to the story than that. putin supported the forces that created a violent environment there and now to step in, that is is disenjen wows on the part of the leader. now he's sending airplanes there and that is a threat to eastern ukraine. russia is not a calming force in ukraine. >> how different is this from the other a countrys that we have seen this happening like georgia? >> it is different than georgia in a key way, that is often overlooked. in 2008, the regions had not be under a meaningful sovereignty for over a decade. that is not true in eastern decade. >> this is meaningful? >> this is more meanful and more aggressive efforts. this forces went into russia in 2008. this is a more and lasted much longer in ukraine, this is a more serious and dangerous situation. >> coming back to this, how did kiev lose control of the stro
May 1, 2014 6:00am EDT
of pro russian activists. let's speak to david stern in the ukrainian capital kiev. let's start with this military attack. any detail as to a, where he is now, and b, what intelligence activities were. >> no david not a whole lot of detail. we know he was the naval administer at the embassy. he was detained for what the foreign ministry has named activities not in accordance to his job at the embassy. i've spoken to the foreign ministry spoke person saying he has been detained. the attache has 24 hours to leave the country. 24 hours from yesterday. he will be leaving at some point today. we don't know his name or exactly what he was engaged in or how he was apprehended. >> the buildings taken by pro russian separatists all over eastern ukraine just grows. >> that's right. it's been growing on a daily basis. we are having large, many demonstrations across ukraine in honor of the may day holiday including in donetsk. as far as we can tell there haven't been attempts to take over buildings. authorities here are watching closely. they've warned of provocations or clashes. they're on
May 25, 2014 4:30am PDT
. >> while there are long lines, the voters in the capital kiev, it's very different in the east. lot of polling sites in eastern ukraine aren't even open today. >> cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto joins us from the ukrainian capital kiev. jim, voting started about six hours ago. there's been a lot of violence in the east. is that keeping people from the polls? >> well, it's really a tale of two different countries here in kiev in the western part of the country closer to europe, you have very good turnout. the first voter to cast his ballot in the capital raised his hand and shouted "democracy." in the east where we returned from, only a fifth of polling stations are open, none in the capitol dough netsing. people kept from the threats of violence and also pro-national im. it appears none of the people in the rally in the eastern city of donetsk have any intention of voting. under a statue of lenin and waving russian flags they cheered nor a new russia, independent of the government in kiev and closer to neighboring moscow. traveling east of the regional capital
Al Jazeera America
May 1, 2014 12:00pm EDT
the government in kiev to clansing. >> there is a $17 billion bailout package for the ukraine. they are raising the taxes. the gas prices are to soar by 50% and the government is freezing the minimum wage. paul has a report from kiev. >> they are been working hard to look at the economic situation here in the ukraine and deciding whether or not not to loan the money, $17 billion could be released as early as next week. what impact will it have and the risks coming with it. there are risks. will the ukraine be able to continue to path of reform and meaning that the money is safe and the g-o political risks. you believe there is actually no alternative to the money, despite the risks, ukraine needs it. >> that is absolutely correct. ukraine is on the verge of bankruptcy. there is no way to refinance for the economy or for ukraine if not for the loan. >> investors think it is a positive move, but what do the people think. it is a four day national holiday here and most people are taking to the public parks. >> we work hard and the jobs no. no jobs. very many companies -- it is hard. but our peopl
May 10, 2014 2:30pm PDT
of the disputed poll on breaking away from kiev. they urge russia to de-escalate the crisis. they finally raise the shield having won the title three weeks ago. will eastern ukraine go the same way as crimea? pro-russian separatists are hoping it will. they have organized a referendum on whether or not to split away from kiev's control. placenday poll is taking with no independent observers and has drawn international condemnation. the interim president has warned moving toward secession would be a step into the abyss. >> pro-russian separatists were out in force. they barricaded administrative openings. they are determined the sunday election take place. >> it is my job to give every resident the opportunity to vote, to determine the final number, and inform the media and world about it. i don't know how things will go, but i think a crimea like scenario would be appropriate. >> organizers have printed 3 million ballots. but there are no security markings to prevent them from being duplicated. election officials are refusing to allow international observers to monitor the vote. >> if i vote, i
May 1, 2014 12:00am PDT
. >>> losing control. more government buildings fall into the hands of separatists as officials in kiev scramble to respond. >>> in an hour everything was there. >> it kachgs florida by surprise. after the nonstop rain. >>> under arrest. why they're questioning jerry adams for a 40-year-old murder. >>> as the scandal dies down, investors are making their move. high profile bidders are lining up to bid for the l.a. clippers. >>> thanks for joining us. you're watching "cnn newsroom." >> acting president admits there's not much kiev can do about separatists seizing control of the east. masked men with automatic weapons stand guard. it's become one of more than a dozen cities falling under pro russian control. >>> despite the control, the economy is getting help from the imf fund. >>> alexander pachinof says combat troops are on full readiness to stop the terrorist threat. >> judging from what's going on around the city, that may not be enough. nick payton walsh has the story. >> reporter: when they say they're losing control you can see why. >> they saw about ten ukrainian armored personne
Al Jazeera America
May 4, 2014 6:00am EDT
in the burning building were victims of mob justice carried out by supporters. in kiev, on the other side, a peaceful march was broken up by gun-wielding pro-russian mobs. there were overarching questions as to who started the fire when they were both logging molotov cocktails at each other. the government suggested that there is evidence among the dead is russian militants. well, turning to the police for answers is not going to help. they simply say the government-led commission of inquiry is under way, but interestingly the prime minister from kiev are sending viktor yanukovych - he is in -- the prime minister arseniy yatsenyuk is in odessa. >>> the ukranians are in the east to try to stop forces taking over more towns. soldiers have made gains in an anti-terror operation. in slovyansk forces surrounded the city. in another eastern town kramatorsk, the government says its offensive goes on and they sent more troops. it's separatists in other areas gaining the upper hand. they stepped up security, reinforcing barricades. >> seven military observers in europe that had been held hostage i
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 4:00pm EDT
- the question of whether the region should split from the rest of ukraine. the government in kiev denounced the vote. >> i would like to underline that it is not a referendum, it's an attempt by terrorists, and citizens to cover up. >> kiev's word doesn't carry much weight in the so-called people's republic of donetsk. how much autonomy they should have is vague. >> reporter: big crowds turned out to vote. just one question of yes or no. there's multiple interpretations of wh it means -- what it means. >> translation: we want to live in russia. >> this woman is not sure what she's voting for. >> translation: i voted for our national rub luck lick -- republic. >> i want peace in this country, not the horrible mess ce itemed in-- created in maydan, a war. >>> it's not easy to find a voice in opposition to all this. to do so we travelled to horlifka. firmly in opposition hands. this man didn't want to be identified. >>. >> translation: a lot of people are against more than four. in general they don't understand the threat. it appears that russia doesn't want u and we are parting from ukraine.
Al Jazeera America
May 12, 2014 6:00am EDT
between kiev and the separatist leaders. >> translator: the official results will be announced soon. but we treat with respect the decision of the voters in donsk and we believe a practical implementation of these results will lead to talks between kiev and the eastern regional leaders and it will help to further discussions on security in western europe. >> and he is a russian member of parliament for the united russia party and also the director of the institute of political studies and joins me via skype from moscow and thank you very much for joining us. why does russia believe that the will lead to further talks on politics and on security? >> don't call the people separatists, they are not separatists and they don't want to sway from ukraine. 65% of the ukraine people are afraid to speak russian language but nevertheless russian language is not respective as a future language for ukraine. illegal government by military force and great power in kiev suppress majority of the nation and this majority of the nation uprising and they try to create a better ukraine. and they want ir
Al Jazeera America
May 7, 2014 2:00pm EDT
of this violence. the planned presidential elections in kiev is the right direction but it won't solve everything if all the citizens of ukraine don't understand how their rights will be guaranteed after this election is held. >> reporter: this is not just a subtle position change by the russian president. to call the elections on may 25th a step in the right direction is fundamentally different from what he has been saying. he had called the election absurd previously. in the donetsk, the people are surprised. here is heavy declared governor of the people of donetsk. he has taken over the administration building. frankly what he said was that mr. putin is not the president of the donetsk people of republic. the people of th people's repubt tomorrow. they'll consider his opinion but they're no bound by it. >> what does it mean supporting or not supporting. he knows what we stand against. even if the majority decide to oppose the referendum, this is no longer than a week because later there will be on the 25th attempts to have those so-called elections so it will get legitimatized some way, some h
Al Jazeera America
May 8, 2014 12:00pm EDT
ukraine have ignored a public call by the russian president. they say that the pressure from kiev is adding to the issue. >> the separatists might be expected what the russian president expected them to do, negotiate with the government, but citing a vote, the chairman is saying that the referendum is going ahead. >> we don't have direct contact. we found out about the proposal through the mass media and he's going to learn about our decision the same way. >> the neighboring people's rub is doing like wise and in the strong hold the focus on the surge from the ukraine forces trying to disarm the russian folks are too ready for sunday's vote. >> the message about postponing the referendum is showing that putin is caring about our lives. all we can say is we are ready for the referendum. >> in the corners of eastern ukraine, the intervention is dismissed. >> i can only expect and all of the cities agree with us, the separation from ukraine for our own independence people's republic. >> we are not into europe policies, all our roots from the people are deeply in russia. >> with the s
Al Jazeera America
May 1, 2014 9:00am EDT
. at the same time, russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov, who's on a foreign visit said kiev government needs to be holding dialogue with southern and eastern regions of ukraine and his ministry's put out a statement calling plans by kiev to hold a referendum on national unit alongside the presidential poll may 25. they call that cynical and a sham. they've said that that can't happen while kiev launches military operations to in their words against their own people, but i wouldn't be surprised if the kiev government would say well, what's not possible right now is dialogue between us and those cities where the government buildings are being occupied by those very same separatist forces. >> there was a may day rale earlier. did the ukrainian crisis feature much there? >> to an extent, the main theme as it always is, is labor rights, and the importance of workers. it was interesting, because for the first time since the fall of the soviet union, people were allowed to rally on red square. it was much bigger, more than 100,000 people turned out. there was a smaller demonstration elsewhere, whic
Al Jazeera America
May 1, 2014 2:00pm EDT
. to the pro russia insurgency. along with ukraine. paul joining us live from kiev, tell us more, paul. >> good evening, david, the aannouncement was made today, public bank holiday took many people by surprise, although the parliament here voted in a closed session earlier last month. april, to bring this in, urging the president to actually do it. well, the president alexandar has done it, he put it out in his official grass debt. an official publication, a decree saying that men between the aimings of 18 and 25 of graduate level plus those who are graduated and with military training already, will be now subject to serving at least two years of national service within the ukrainian military. the decree as you say, comes into effect immediately. what is not clear whether they will start joining immediately, or wait for the autumn intake. it was originally scrapped under president he passed in 20 think teen. so this year was scrapped. now it has been introssed by the interim president, and directly in events in the east. it said as much, it was given the situation in the east and the south. ba
Al Jazeera America
May 8, 2014 9:00am EDT
ahead with plans to hold a referendum on independence from kiev despite a request from russia's president vladimir putin to postpone the vote set may 11. accept are a activities leaders in donetsk say pressure from kiev is only adding to the need for a wrench did you mean, ballots printed and they've set up 1,000 polling stations. the ukrainian government said it will disregard the results and anti terror operations will continue. >> interesting that the accept are a activities in east ukraine are joining putin's suggestion to postpone the referendum. what does that say about the extent or lack of control that the kremlin has over them? >> i think that of course russia has influence over the in surgeons in eastern ukraine, but i don't think this is absolute. i would say it's about the same as the influence pakistan has over in is your generalities, most inside kashmir. these insurgents are now dying during this so-called anti terrorist, it's not mr. putin dying there, so they don't want to die for nothing. the problem is that they only put one question to the people, do you wa
Al Jazeera America
May 22, 2014 5:00pm EDT
continues armed men are killing each other, and it's unclear how much the leaders in kiev or moscow control the action. it's inside story, next. hello, i am ray swarez. when the former left his country, and headed to russia, the parliament quickly seated a new team, and called elections for may. russia plucked crimea from ukraine, and called the new government in kiev illegitimate, not one that represented the countries people. carriesion that carries the potential for the country to make a fresh start to suddenly looking fragile. >> killing at least a dozen troops and wounding more than 33. >> we destroy add check point, the fastest ukrainian army deployed. seven it happened 20 miles south of done necessarying. a city that declares independence from ukraine earlier this month. and in the town just outside shelling destroyed several homes. residents complained, about being caught between the troops and rebel cross fires. what can i say about these people that shot at us. what can i tell my son about the people and whey that do. power to ukraine? can i say that? i don't understand it. >> the
Al Jazeera America
May 2, 2014 3:00am EDT
-russian separatists fired anti-aircraft missiles at kiev forces in slovyansk. earlier the government was trying to retake the town of slovyansk. gunfire and blasts could be herd there. we go to donetsk. what are you hearing about the events, jonah? the referee: well, over the last few hours >> reporter: well, over the last few hours it's been what has been heard, the minister posted on facebook in the last few hours, as he's want to do, suggesting that the operation was launched, an anti-terrorist part of a phase that has been going on for the last few weeks now. at 4:. 30 this morning, aimed at the roadblocks on the city of slav. his suggestion that nine checkpoints are under the control of ukranian forces. in the process two helicopters are down, one shot down, one suffering an emergency landing and a pilot dead with several others. injured. that information confirmed by the spu, the security - the security network here in ukraine. which used the words blocked to suggest that what they were trying to do was blockade the up to of slav slovyansk, rather than overrun it, the interior ministe
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 5:00am EDT
, and kiev to say "we don't necessarily want to be separate, but we want a greater say in who we are, and what we do." is that basically the conclusion of the messages. >> there are many lim stations. you highlighted some of them in the introduction to it. the vote is taking place in those areas which are directly under the control of the people with the guns and the balaclava, that's barely half the population of the east, a dozen towns, a couple of cities in the state of play. that said - look, the other thing is there's no international observers, nothing to stop people presstering, voting, going to the next polling station down the road and doing it all over again. they don't dip their finger in a pot of ink. there are issues about the integrity of the vote here. that said, although the international community declared it as legitimate, and the acting president said the people votingar taking a step into the abyss, they are expressing deeply felt sentiments - pro-russian, about the against the situation in kiev. although there have been actions at the point of a gun, this quasi d
Al Jazeera America
May 12, 2014 5:00am EDT
and we believe a practical implementation of these results will lead to talks between kiev and eastern regional leaders and further discussions in security in western europe. >> reporter: we are live in kiev and we have been listening to what sergei fedorov is saying and what else did he have to say? >> he is talking about diplomacy but i think what is really crucial here is he believes that moscow or ukraine should implement the results of this referendum and as you heard in doing so without provocations from kiev he is talking about this antiterrorism operation in the east that would facilitate dialog between the regions. i think the question now is how willing to get involved will russia be and russia said it's not willing to launch a military encoursion not on the agenda and this is something he is not willing to do and sergei fedorov went on to say saying dialog in the east will be crucial to deescalating this crisis. ukraini ukrainians in parliament say ukraine is not willing to talk to those who have blood on their hands and the government is willing to negotiate with represent
May 2, 2014 4:00pm EDT
in the country, the secretary-general has asked me to go back to key of next week. -- kiev next week. immediate return to dialogue. thank you. >> i want to thank him for his briefing. i give the floor to the members of the security council. i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you, mr. president. the russian elevate -- ,elegation convened today having to do with the resumed punitive knowledge terry operations with the use of terrorists from the pro-fascist right sector as well as other national organizations against their own people in the southeast of the ukraine by the government in kiev. the ukrainian forces using tanks and other heavy artillery with military helicopters striking and entrenching fighters. the first blood has been let and there is information about the wounded and killed. if the criminal misadventures are not stopped, the catastrophic context for the ukraine cannot be avoided. against theirres to carry out its obligations under the geneva separation for a swift halt of all violence and the launching of broad national dialogue and politica
May 2, 2014 8:30am PDT
train him plotted to kill another captured by pro russian separatist as kiev groups against rebels and soviets. as a pro russian red alien intensify life in eastern ukraine the government in kiev introduce a compulsory team that reached at this. subway trains collide in south korean capital seoul. leaving dozens injured. just two weeks after betty sign in the country's worst disaster in twenty years. ukrainian forces of motion operation against pro russian separatists and the rebel stronghold of two against two ukrainian helicopters that can choke down with two pilots killed and another injured according to the defence ministry in kiev russian tv show these pictures of it that hard at the party injured and captured. the ukrainian security service as shoulder launched anti aircraft missiles to be news to proving the pro russian forces include foreign trained specialist cover up that this rebel claims the separatists eight the injured miners are now holding he was abandoned by his colleagues command says the two piece pistol and ran away. ukraine's interior minister says toby and sur
May 6, 2014 8:30am PDT
the next few days ago when the tourists to see many hidden in the kiev government of making a peep at the deseret news each other to live with me they don't give it one night so we must kill one another watch him but you can google that we try and support each other while we bury our dead countryman me feel like and then see friends. he's a valuable beating family. from a toast hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of a young man was killed during the ukrainian epistle to the city put it so that was just twenty one when a car came under fire. the zoo cool with it. if somewhat speech in moderation for future was in ukraine with each step that must be drowned out by those wanting to break away from kiev. we are back to the hopes that palace in vienna. when a russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. he's answering the news conference he will be speaking no doubt on the situation in ukraine which has culminated the committee inaugural meeting. with only thirteen foreign ministers in attendance. let's see what he has to say but that is going with a group of ladies and gentleman the f
May 1, 2014 5:30am PDT
. in donetsk, we report on the gradual takeover of these sites. >> you see the chipping away of control of kiev of this situation, these eastern regions of the ukraine, the luhansk regi on where i was yesterday, and the donetsk region where i was right now. we see the same scenario over and over, they fall to the hands of separatists. separatists or taking control of strategic building sites, local administration buildings and tv towers, police stations. they arrive on the scene usually in a large crowd that will gather in front of the building, and they will start shouting pro-russian slogans and you'll have a smaller, core group of armed men often in military fatigues, often carrying weapons and assault weapons kalashnikovs. they will go about seizing the buildings. we saw the takeover yesterday of one building here in donetsk, a customs building. when we arrived on the scene the military men had just arrived, in their uniforms with no real insignia that would verify them as attached any particular force. they entered the building and within a few minutes you see the employees filing out, an
May 22, 2014 7:30am PDT
check. what it means to be russian in kiev. the european the lection campaign has ended its critical period. 400 million europeans will go to the polls to elect a new parliament and the next president of the commission. but there is a problem. many europeans mistrust the e.u. and its politicians. in southern europe, many blame brussels for the economic hardship they are going through. greece's opposition leader is trying to capitalize on that sentiment rate as the left party candidate for commission president, he is trying to win support from all those who say enough is enough. >> in the market square of the little town, the stages ready for the arrival of the socialist opposition leader. the area is buzzing with people who are fed up with the established parties. >> if the prime minister and his people win, it will have a worse effect on europe. he's a young man and we have high hopes for him. >> people should give him a chance. they will see if things go uphill or downhill for us. >> when he finally takes to the stage, he receives a hero's welcome. the young politician is charismat
May 24, 2014 6:00am PDT
kitty logan in kiev. we saw ukrainians holding prayers. you attended one of these gatherings. what was the atmosphere like there? >> yes, that is right, there was a ceremony here at a cathedral that wasl kiev attended by government figures, local leaders, and members of the public. it was a colorful, but serious ceremony. there were ukrainian flags, and debate about the political temperature here, but today is a day of silence in the election campaign, and the government has urged people to go out and vote tomorrow. this is a very serious moment for kiev, and they need all of the prayers they can get for this election to run smoothly given the elections happening in the east of the country. .> talk about the candidates is there a clear front runner to win at this point? >> at the moment, the latest polls indicate that petro poroshenko is the leading candidate. including the former prime minister, say these figures are not accurate, polls do not reflect reality, and they believe many are still undecided " opposition candidates will be much higher. of course, we cannot predict that a
May 28, 2014 2:00pm PDT
had no contact with them. >> we are joined now by vladimir from kiev. what is the situation in the east of the country? >> the situation internet is very difficult at this moment. as you have just seen in the report, there is a team of four osce special monitoring mission members missing since monday night. today at noon, contact was lost with another team of osce special monetary mission members in donetsk. they were traveling from donetsk to the nearby region, and at one of the checkpoints, the contact was lost with them. we have spoken to the spokesperson of the osce special monitoring mission in kiev about an hour ago, and the person confirmed that currently, contact has been reestablished -- reestablished with the team. the team is safely back internet, but other details are not being disclosed. there are also reports of fighting at a military base in lujan's -- luhansk city in a neighboring base, and there are reports of casualties on both sides. as you can see, the events are rapidly developing. >> there are still protesters behind you there on the maidan, but ukraine
May 25, 2014 5:30pm PDT
. the latest on the presidential election in ukraine. margaret warner reports from kiev. in our signature segment, how mexico is battling obesity by raising taxes on certain foods. >> we're doing a lot of education problems to change the habits of people, but we are also using taxes can be powerful incentives. >> and on memorial day weekend, a u.s. veteran with a different way of seeing the people around him. next on pbs newshour weekend. >>> pbs newshour weekend is made possible by -- additional support is provided by -- and by the corporation for public broadcasting and contributions from viewers like you. thank you. >>> from the studios in lincoln center, new york, hari sreenivasan. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. president obama is spending part of midmidweekend in afghanistan. he was greeted at the bagram air base. the trip was not announced ahead of time. during the brief surprise visit he met with u.s. troops and conferred with military commanders. the white house sought to quell speculation that the visit in in response to the v.a. scandal. new details emerged with the 22-
May 1, 2014 7:00am EDT
the detained. his response, kiev must withdraw military units from the southeast and launch a national dialogue. theirs monetary fund has approved a $17 billion bail out to ukraine to help the country's struggling finances. we have the first correspondent nick childs with this. >> a march for peace and unity as this crisis continues. this earlier, predawn exercise for cameras and news the kiev authoritys have detained russia's military attache for allegedly spying and told him to leave the country. this may look impressive, but in the east, the security services seem unable or unwilling to control events. the words of alarm and accusation against moscow for ukraine's ministers grows stronger. >> practically we're already at war after what happened in crimea. the activities we now see in eastern ukraine with separatists groups supported by russia, this is war. >> reporter: government buildings in eastern ukraine continue to fall to pro russian separatists. among thebi$j also in one of ukraine's largest cities. and in sloviansk and donetsk, the separatists seem to be tightening their grip. it's t
Al Jazeera America
May 11, 2014 8:00pm EDT
to have died. what you are seeing is a pro-russian separatist killed in the shooting. kiev's interim government denies its forces were involved. we spoke to a journalist who witnessed the event. >> they started to shoot in the air, because more and more people came, and they were shouting. they started to shoot in the air, and then at the people. that happened a few times, you know, in a row, and then later on in the afternoon there were four fans coming, and they tried to get the guys inside out, and they were starting to shoot all around them. they were shooting at innocent people. no one had a gun. the only thing they did was throw an axe, and the people - they were harmless and wanted to vote. they were shooting and were shooting at them at the back. >> organizers say 90% of voters in one reason chose more autonomy. the single question - do you support self-rule, prompting confusion, jonah hull reports from donetsk. >> reporter: hastily arranged, low budget. the referendum drew a large number of voters to small polling stations. at issue - the question whether the region should s
Al Jazeera America
May 3, 2014 7:00am EDT
and two ukranian soldiers were all killed. kiev's assault expanded 10 miles south to the town of kramatorsk. troops regained control of several areas. lawmakers vowed not to stop before eastern ukraine is under control. we go to donetsk for the latest. >> reporter: information comes out in an irregular way. the interior minister announced on his facebook page, not an official channel, that the ukranian military retook a television tower some 10 miles, 15km or so south of slovyansk. that was a tour which had been tape by pro -- taken by pro-russian separatists. what the separatist did was take off ukranian tv channels, stop them broadcasting. the ukranian army retook the tower. you can see perhaps obviously why that is important. information is vital in this unrest here. it's important to get information to the public, and information from both sides. so a tactical decision to target that tv tower, and what appears to be a successful operation. >> we are here on a road side north of donetsk awaiting the eminent arriving of the o.s.c.e. observers. there's a large contingent of v
May 2, 2014 12:00pm EDT
] on ukraine and offers kiev a difficult choice between capitulation or partition. and it's suddenly discovering that this mixture might escape their control, and nationalism might compel them to do what they don't want to do, that the thugs might actually behave like thugs, and finally that ukraine -- given this impossible choice -- might end up folding. a pyromaniac fireman situation is what we have here. screaming in order to make us forget that this path was set long before and it's no longer possible to go backwards. we are prepared, and we have been repeating this for weeks, to find a way to de escalate, but a deescalation would suppose that russia would calm groups that are providing support for observers of -- [inaudible] and release these hostages and open negotiations with ukraine, that free elections be held on the 25th of may under international oversight in order to provide irrefutable legitimacy to kiev. [speaking french] >> translator: negotiations are starting between ukraine and russia. compromise is possible. everyone knows what's at stake, and the europeans who wer
May 27, 2014 10:00pm PDT
. >> jones: it was late february when i came to the capital, kiev, to independence square, where protesters were demanding the ouster of president viktor yanukovych. widely criticized as a corrupt leader, he had rejected a trade deal with the european union in favor of one with his close ally, russian president vladimir putin. one of the first people i met was dmytro holubnychy. the 16-year-old student told me what he'd experienced a few days before in the square still haunted him. >> (translated): i can't sleep. whenever i try to sleep, smoke appears before my eyes and the image of that man being killed. >> jones: dmytro told me how he'd come to the square to join the protestors. early on his first morning, fighting broke out with riot police. (police shouting commands) dmytro's father filmed what happened to him and his son. >> i woke up at 6:00, and they told me we were under attack from the riot police. i didn't expect my father to come, but he found me and he started filming it all. i found a wooden shield and told my friend to follow me because he's smaller than me. so we started movi
May 26, 2014 4:00am EDT
after with election with the newly-elect without of stay. >> that's in kiev with the election results. steve, what happens now? >> a lot of things happen now, ross, and it has to move quickly. one thing very important is we don't have to wait another three weeks to get a second-round runoff. it was necessary continuing the violence continuing in the hands of soldiers, primarily to the east of the country. so whoever was president, we'll look at that to see him get the mandate. now we have a legitimate government in kiev that can deal with a multitude of issues. the economy is in tatters and is going to shrink at 5%. then double digit up nation and double-digit interest rates as well. and $35 billion with needs ore, how can it be at a crucial time separatists can take advantage of the next airport when the president said the first job he's going to do is to get to the mass as well. it just shows how little control kiev has over the animals. they are getting russia to the table to agree to some sort of a pull-back in the escalation. here's what we go now next. last night at his victory
Al Jazeera America
May 1, 2014 11:00am EDT
's the latest attempt to stabilize in kiev. >> there are about 4 or 5,000 people here, around the office, and they are extremely angry at the fascists, and there's a group who are inside of the office. coming under bombard. rocks and stones and bottles. every now and again, a riot piece man is pulled out by the crowd and his shield and helmet is taken, seized by the crowd. and he's led away, and he's effectively abandoning his position. that's happening one-by-one, and it looks like the ukrainian state is very much on the back foot today in donetsk. and it seems that the anger of the crowd is an extraordinary replica of what we saw in kiev a couple of months ago, but of course these people are vehemently opposed to a new government in kiev. >> that's barnaby phillips in donetsk. >>> and holding the military observers hostage, they work for the organization of security and cooperation in europe. and negotiators are bargaining for their release. >> . >> there are fears that the victims of the ferry accident in south korea may never be found. 80 people are still missing, and more than 200 b
Al Jazeera America
May 12, 2014 1:00am EDT
by europe, the u.s. and government in kiev. huments show people want change. 89% voted in favour of creating a people's republic with 10% against. turn out was almost 75%, and separatists are planning a second round of voting, which has been the aim all along. >> organizers say they'll prevent the donetsk region from taking part in elections on may the 25th. >> translation: we know, of course, that this vote will not be recognised internationally, by european organizations, the government and the world. we want the voices to be hard. that's why we held the vote. ukrainian presidential elections will not take place because it is illogical and wrong to hold elections. >> most of the voting passed off peacefully, one person was killed. jonah hull reports. >> reporter: this amateur footage shows gunmen firing on an unarmed crowd after reghting them from a polling saying. the tension is turning to violence on an almost cally basis now. it is unlikely to ease after thousands turned out to vote in the referendum on whether to split from the rest of ukraine. >> translation: i want peace in this coun
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